North American Coton Association


Some Coton Clubs mandate certain health testing. We do not dispute these mandates, however, the NACA– after much research & soul searching– has decided not to do this. We do encourage every Coton breeder to perform as many health tests that are pertinent to the breed and to his/her line.

To be on the “cutting edge”, we recommend any and all health tests that are of related importance to our breed. These include, but are not limited to patellar luxation, cardiac, thyroid, hips/elbows, CERF, & neonatal ataxia.

We test to help eradicate problems out of our breed and other tests are performed to make sure we keep our Cotons free of diseases that are not prevalent, but are dangerous for our Coton.

We advise every potential puppy buyer to require proof of health testing from his or her puppy’s breeder. This will encourage them to search out health problems that are relative to the Coton. We feel this to be an important educational tool to both the puppy buyer and also to the breeder.

The following articles support reasons for not removing dogs with certain characteristics from the breeding pool. Your own veterinarian is your best source for consultation and information.

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