North American Coton Association

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

“Members working together to promote and preserve the health, vitality and integrity of the Coton de Tulear according to the standards of the United Kennel Club through careful breeding,competetive showmanship and responsible sales and adoption processes.”

Objectives of the Club

The North American Coton Club was formed under the wing of United Kennel Club and their guidelines.

Our objectives are:

a. Promoting and encouraging the breeding of better, healthier purebred Cotons by educating club members through a regular newsletter, seminars, internet web sites, etc. We also plan to support health related studies relevant to the Coton.

b. Promoting the breed and increasing its popularity in a responsible manner.

c. NACA accepts UKC’s Standard of Excellence for our Cotons. This is the standard by which we shall breed and have our dogs judged in the United Kennel Club conformation events.

d. Promote good sportsmanship in the training and exhibition of our dogs in all events.

e. Support health related studies related to the Coton de Tulear.

f. Maintain regular contact with our members and UKC by means of a regular newsletter.

g. Educating judges about the essential elements of the Coton De Tulear standard.

h. Supporting any rescue efforts related to our breed.

i. Encourage the registration of purebred Cotons in the United Kennel Club.

Our Vision

The NACA serves as the guardian of the Coton de Tulear breed as the UKC National Breed Club. Our vision is to preserve the unique traits of this special breed originating from Madagascar