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Grooming your Coton de Tulear

Grooming Coton de Tulear
Raindance's Kiss from a Rose, owned by Cindy Robinson

If there’s one thing that will turn heads, it’s a beautifully groomed Coton with it’s big soft billowing coat that flounces as he moves!

Along with their sweet temperament and intelligence, the Coton’s coat is one of the main attractions to the breed. One might guess that owners who show their dogs put in an untold number of hours a week– or a day for that matter– grooming their dogs.

But what about the pet owner? How often do you bathe these dogs? How do you brush these dogs? To-clip-or-not-to-clip?

Let it first be said that a Coton coat DOES require maintenance, whether he is in full coat or a puppy cut, professionally groomed or by doing it yourself. As you are committed to the care and grooming of your Coton, here are some articles we hope you will find helpful.

One of the most common questions from new Coton owners goes something like this:

“My Coton puppy is almost eight months old. I have always brushed her once or twice a week, but all of a sudden she has so many mats I just can’t keep up with them! What is going on?”

Here is some information that may help you get through the coming months of your dog’s (very normal!) coat change. Take heart! It doesn’t last forever!

Cover photo of The Dreaded Coat Change Tutorial pdf